BSI offers Manual Pretreatment Equipment for substrate cleaning.

The SPRAYWAND™ Pretreatment Application System
Designed for all OEM's and job shops that have an ongoing need for metal cleaning and metal pretreatment. It produces the same high quality results of high-end multi-stage pretreatment systems, at a fraction of the cost. We guarantee you will lower your production expenses and improve product quality through better paint adhesion and corrosion protection. The P300 is the only system in the industry that can deliver your pretreatment chemicals as required injected down stream. It is also the only system that can apply chemicals at either heated or ambient temperature and at high pressure for maximum cleaning. The P300 also has the ability to apply the gels that have been developed for those next to impossible to clean surfaces.

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Electric Steam Generators for Cleaning & Phosphatizing

BSI offers a unit specifically designed for pre-cleaning and iron-phosphating metal surfaces. A clean, receptive surface recommended for high quality adhesion by either paint or powder coating processes, will be achieved.
Clean, smooth, and receptive surface recommended for paint and powder coating processes.
Prevents the spread of undercoat corrosion for surfaces that have been nicked or scratched.
Uses approximately 50% less chemical than a pressure washer system.
Produces much less waste water than other systems.
Savings generated as a result of fewer chemicals, less water, and less effluent.