BSI features quality standard and custom batch ovens designed to your specifications and manufactured in the U.S.. Available in 55 standard sizes and designed for 500°F operating temperature, batch ovens can be used for preheating, drying, and curing. Preheat ovens prepare various metals, plastics, wood, medium denisty fiberboard or other substrates for your coating process. Drying ovens help eliminate water or moisture accumulated during the pre-treatment washing process. Cure ovens help to elevate the part and coating temperature to achieve the desired coating cure characteristics.

Standard features include:

6" (15.2 cm) thick aluminized steel, insulated-panel
Top mounted burner box system for natural gas or
Double doors on one end
Ceiling-mounted duct work distribution
Powered exhaust fan
Automatic purge cycle
UL-listed electrical control panel
460 VAC, 3Ø, 60 Hz
Digital temperature controller
Electronic burner and high-temperature limit controls
Flame safety control with UV scanner
Controls designed to be Factory Mutual (FM) compliant
Automatic shutdown when a pre-set cool down
temperature is achieved
Designed and built to comply with industry standards

These ovens can also be custom designed with rear, side, or top mounted burner boxes.

We can also provide a wide variety of user friendly options such as:

  • Floor: .25" hot roll steel plate or 3" insulated panels with cart wheel slots
  • Conveyor slots
  • Air impingement side wall ducts
  • Double doors on both ends
  • Chart recorder
  • Batch timer
  • Micro processor controller
  • Stack kits
  • Canadian specifications
  • Technical Standards and Safety Authority support documentation
  • Low NOx burners
  • 120/220 VAC, 1Ø, 60 Hz
  • 208/240 VAC, 3Ø, 60 Hz

Gas Fired Batch Ovens

For additional information about Gas-Fired Batch Ovens: